Dravyashakti Mechanochem is a cutting-edge company in the field of material sciences, dedicated to the production of nano-materials and manufacturer of Dual Drive Planetary Ball Mill in India (DDPBM), driven by a visionary leadership team and a commitment to achieving material wonders through innovation and advanced technology.

Mission and Vision

Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Dravyashakti Mechanochem aspires to unlock the potential of nano-materials to create transformative solutions for industries worldwide. With a focus on research, development, and collaboration, the company aims to develop and commercialize low-cost, high-quality nanotechnology based new materials wonders and products that address the most pressing challenges faced by society.


Our team and collaborators include a diverse group of experts, including renowned scientists, engineers and researchers, who share a common goal of pushing the boundaries of materials science. With their combined expertise and dedication, they foster innovation and drive our company forward.

1. Vivek Kumar Rastogi (Founder/ Director)

With a profound background in material sciences, Vivek Kumar Rastogi brings a wealth of experience and vision to Dravyashakti Mechanochem. As the founder and promoter, he is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of the company, leveraging his deep understanding of materials to drive innovation and growth.

2. Sandhya Rastogi (Co-Founder/ Director)

Sandhya Rastogi oversees the financial aspects of the company’s operations and has been associated with DDPBM for almost a decade. With expertise in financial management and strategic planning, she ensures judicious allocation of resources to support its growth and expansion initiatives.

3. Wing Commander Suchit Yadav (Director)

His proven ability to handle complex deliverables and deal with stressful situations in the defence sector sets him apart, ensuring smooth communication between stakeholders to meet deadlines with top quality. His unwavering commitment to excellence drives him to consistently deliver exceptional results.

  • Innovation:  Continuously push the boundaries of material sciences through groundbreaking research and development.
  • Excellence:  Maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in all aspects of operations.
  • Collaboration: Foster partnerships and collaborations to leverage collective expertise and resources for mutual benefit.
  • Sustainability:  Develop eco-friendly and sustainable novel materials that contribute to a better future for the planet.

Core Values


  1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Associate Professor, AI,
    Bennett University, Greater Noida
  2. Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, Professor of Dentistry
    Head of Department, AMU Medical College, Aligarh
  3. Dr Pankaj Tambe, Head of Department,
    Mechanical Engineering, VIT Amravati, A P University
  4. Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT), Delhi.


Startup Recognition certificate